Monday, January 17, 2011

The Visit of the Mayor of the City of Bogor to STL in 2010

The Mayor of the City of Bogor (Honorable Diani Budiarto) visited St. Louis on December 01 and 02, 2010.

The Visitors and the Agenda are as the following:

(Please click the agenda above to enlarge it.)
 Pictures of Mayor Diani Budiarto's visit to St. Louis:

Mayor Budiarto, Chairman Soetjipto, and Mayor Slay. 

Mrs. Syarifah, Consul Buana, Chairman Soetjipto, Mayor Slay, Mayor Diani, Chairman Daryat, Mr. Passanise, and Mr. Sutjahjo.  

Chairman Soetjipto, County Executive Dooley, Mayor Budiarto, and Mr. Passanise

Mr. Sutjahjo, Chairman Daryat, Consul Buana, Mayor Diani, Chairman Soetjipto, and County Executive Dooley.

Chairman Soetjipto, Mr. Ed Moncada, Mr. Passanise, and Mayor Budiarto.

Chairman Soetjipto, Emma, Mrs. Syarifah, Principal DaLay, Mayor Budiarto, Ms. Bommarito, Chairman Daryat.

Chairman Daryat, Mr. Passanise, President Peter Wyse, Mayor Budiarto, and Consul Buana. 

Mayor Budiarto and Chancellor George Thomas.